Choosing an organisation to support your employees is a big decision. We know how important it is to have a partner who will spend time understanding your business and support you.

We provide the best in class service by having 

  • Developed our EAP protocols to work across different cultures and industries.
  • Our team of experts provide you a 24x7x365 service.
  • Counsellors speak with your employees in local indian languages besides English and Hindi.
How Do We Support You?

We continually work with your teams, bringing in our experts to train your managers to help them identify team members that may need emotional support. This ensures that the service you have from us is able to help your managers and employees deal with issues of emotional health and thereby have a positive impact on your business.

Encouraging Engagement

We actively encourage your employees to use our services as much as they want. This ensures that any employee, whatever his/her role, can utilise our support network anywhere, anytime. When required we identify particular areas that need addressing within the business, and we run specific, personalised promotional campaigns to raise awareness.

Creating A Plan That’s Right For You

We can make your EAP as straight forward or as comprehensive as you wish. We work closely with you to truly understand your business and will create a plan that is perfect for your people and your business. Whether choosing specific services or a phased approach, our team will work hand in hand with your team to ensure that you get the most from your wellbeing partner.


Our EAP is a valuable support tool within the company. Here are some examples of how our EAP has provided critical care help and support.

It can be a devastating experience for any employee to receive news of his/her discontinuation of services from the employment. Similarly, it is equally difficult for managers to deliver the tough message. ICAS India provides counselling assistance to organisations , managers and the leaving employee to handle emotions spilling out of such events. ICAS India conducts workshops for managers to handle Exit Meetings. The workshop provides necessary tools to hold these difficult conversations, insights into how best to read the signs of emotional/mental angst displayed, how to steer the conversation with a positive note and supports the manager’s to deal with their own feelings of guilt/discomfort.

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A request came from our partner in South Africa to support a group of students who were on training in India. Over the weekend, they had gone for an outing off Hyderabad, and were involved in a fatal accident. The survivors and eye-witnesses were in shock & denial, and required onsite trauma care support.

Within 48 hours, we deployed a clinician trained in Trauma Care from our team for onsite group intervention and one-on-one counselling support.